24 ways to have fun the pirate way

Getting your crew to unleash their inner pirate and donating a gold coin for the privilege is just a drop in the ocean as far as swashbuckling shenanigans go. Push the boat out and try some of these ideas to really get into the swing of it!

1. Go all out and dress up in full pirate regalia
2. Be subtle, wear your stripes and throw the occasional ‘Arrrr’ into conversation
3. Run a pirate spelling bee
4. Set the challenge to talk like a pirate all day
5. Create and sing pirate songs
6. Write a pirate poem or story
7. Snap many photos and post on social media with #piratedayfriday
8. Work in a group to put on a pirate play
9. Stand-up comedy gig pirate style – who can tell the best pirate jokes
10. Create a pirate short film
11. Hold a pirate sports day
12. Have a pirate ship building competition, think arts and crafts with recycled flotsam.
13. Play pirate games like bob for gold, pin the ponytail on the pirate, tug o’ war
14. Build sandcastles
15. Have a pirate picnic
16. A pirate morning tea
17. A pirate afternoon tea
18. Forget about the catwalk, walk the gangplank with a pirate fashion show
19. Create a treasure hunt
20. Host pirate trivia quiz
21. Do a pirate ‘runch’ – that’s a lunchtime run dressed a pirate
22. Take your Pirate Day Friday into the night at your sports club, gym, dinner with friends
23. Repeat number 7.
24. Encourage your whole community to be pirates, just like Malanda in Queensland!

Check out the all downloadable resources you can use to make the most of your Pirate Day Friday.