13 ways to be a hero

On the second Friday in June get to raise some serious bullion! Here are 13 ideas you can be a hero and raise money for childhood brain cancer research.

  1. Join us in fundraising at curekidscancer.org.au/event/piratedayfriday2017
  2. Make the first donation yourself
  3. Email colleagues, family and friends – tell them what you’re doing and share the URL
  4. Read our top tips on how to turn landlubbers into pirates
  5. Download and print posters and leave in public places
  6. Share your story on social media #piratedayfriday
  7. Dress up like a pirate on Pirate Day Friday!
  8. Repeat step 6
  9. Hold a bake sale of pirate inspired treats like chocolate cannon balls
  10. Repeat step 6
  11. Download and make a treasure chest money box  and invite people to donate a gold coin
  12. Ask your school or workplace to match your donations
  13. Repeat step 6 and tell everyone how much money you raised!